If you are planning to attend the final ceremony and have any questions about logistics,
please direct all questions to wwosbatoche2019@gmail.com or visit the organizing committee’s Facebook Page.


We have over 2000 pairs of vamps that were submitted to Walking With Our Sisters and have only received emails for 534 of them. Meaning, there are 1500 pairs for which we have not received any instructions on what to do with them. As you may know the final ceremony will be held in Batoche in August of this year.

Moccasin top (vamp) makers have two choices:

  • a) you can get your vamps returned to you by mail.
  • b) or you can indicate to us that you would like your vamps offered in a ceremonial way to the sacred fire by the Elders.


  • your full name
  • full address including postal code
  • picture or drawing of your vamps and indicate what you would prefer and someone will be getting back to you to confirm.

PLEASE NOTE It would be REALLY helpful if you don’t have a photo to do a little drawing or sketch of your vamps please because we have so many we just want to be absolutely sure we have the right ones.

Send photos by JPEG only, not embedded in a word doc or PDF.

Thank you.