by The Mohawk Women from Kahnawake

Artwork by the Kahnawake Beading Group

From May of 2012 to July of 2013, a general call was put out to all “caring souls” who wanted to contribute a pair of moccasin tops (vamps/uppers). As of the closing of the due date, we had received 1725 pairs.

In addition to the moccasin tops, 60 songs were submitted for the audio portion of the exhibit. Those songs will be heard while audiences are invited to experience the exhibit.

One of the most heartwarming and unexpected aspect that developed over the course of year were the dozens of beading groups that formed. Women, men and children, both native and non-native, gathered in living rooms, universities, community halls and penitentiaries across North America to bead, sew, quill, weave, paint, embroider, and create mixed media pairs of moccasin tops out of the love, care and concern they have for missing or murdered women and their families. Many, too many, have experienced losses themselves as family members.

We invite you to click through the tabs under this artwork section to see the work everyone has create.

Now that the exhibits are underway we are posting video footage under the “film” tab to the right.