Project Description

I never met Edith. Although I did meet her beautiful daughter, who would marry my nephew. Edith left her small northern community with dreams to become a nurse. Off to the big city she went with her young daughter in tow.
Sometimes plans don’t always turn out. Sometimes one prepares coffee and puts out cups for two. A guest? Sometimes the guest does not have a good intention.
Edith was found lifeless in her apartment. It was ruled a suicide even though there were things in the apartment that suggested otherwise.
The Dove represents Edith’s Divine Spirit which holds the bleeding heart of a life cut short and unable to physically hold the outstretched hand of her young daughter. Leah Mac was 11 at the time.
She spent time in foster care, and was taken in by a loving woman named Mary. “Just Mary” to many. She gave her love and became Grandmother to Leah. She ensured her safety and kept a watchful eye to see her grow into adulthood. Leah married, raises her 2 beautiful daughters and handsome son with her husband today.
She has grieved the tragic loss of her mother throughout the years and intuitively & spiritually knows it was not suicide. She inquired about having the case reopened and was turned away.
The hand represents Leah Mac. The little one who missed out on the physical loving touch her mother. The teen who may have needed a hand in direction or making decisions. The pat on the back when she graduated high school. The young woman who needed a hand to hold as she past into adulthood, gave birth or returned to school.
She completed her Mother’s dream and is now an RN. Offering her hand to help others and caring for the sick.
She has done well despite the challenges.
Beneath her hand is a bleeding heart to connect her with her Mother who resides in the spirit world. I like to believe we remain eternally connected no matter what realm we walk in.
She walks with you Leah Mac and along with 600 other sisters.
It is an honour to know you.

by Kim Beaulieu