Penelope Anderson

I chose the universal Tree of Life. My roots represent our tribes, and the branches of many colors represent all of us working together in this beautiful collaboration. The heart belongs to us all. by Penelope Anderson

Andrea Adams

two sisters dance to honor the lost shawls flutter with prayer to heal the families' hearts by Andrea Adams

Dorinda Kruger Allen

by Dorinda Kruger Allen

Andrea Aiabens

by Andrea Aiabens

Papatsi Anrango-Kotierk

by Papatsi Anrango-Kotierk

Sheryl Boivin Artiste

by Sheryl Boivin Artiste

Papatsi Anrango-Kotierk

After many years in an abusive relationship, my good friends mother lost her life to her abuser. At her funeral, her beautiful and strong daughter sang. She sings, 'you're now free, and fly and fly. I'm right here for you. I will always find you in my solitude. As I remain, a woman for you'. Wanting to make a pair of vamps for my friend, in remembrance of her mother, I asked her 'what's something that reminds you of your anaana?' She responds "qupanuaqs" (snow buntings). I made these vamps with a qupanuaq freely flying through a snowfall because, the way my friend sees it, her mother is finally free to fly :') by Papatsi Anrango-Kotierk

Elena Abel

by Elena Abel

Papatsi Anrango-Kotierk

I've beaded ulus and little purple saxifrage flowers. The ulu is a woman's knife and I wanted to incorporate the purple saxifrage flower because it's the official flower of Nunavut. by Papatsi Anrango-Kotierk

Sharon Angeconeb

by Sharon Angeconeb

Sharon Angeconeb

by Sharon Angeconeb

Sharon Angeconeb

by Sharon Angeconeb

Kanorarihtha Albany

by Kanorarihtha Albany

Karen Anderson

"Unfinished Sash" These two represent our young Metis girls that have gone missing or were murdered, and never got to wear their sashes. The bigger one has 16 rows, but it's to indicate that the girl was taken during her 16th year. The smaller one is for a 5 yr old girl, like Tamra Keepness. Although I know she is First Nations, she does represent our young girls who have gone missing. by Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson

"Uncaptured Dreams" These represent the dreams of our missing and murdered who never got a chance to have their dreams captured. by Karen Anderson

Karen Andersen

"Christi's Fire" This pair is for Christi Belcourt. They signify her spark that ignited a fire within everyone that has particiated in this incredible project. Much as no two fires ever burn the same, neither are these vamps the same, and neither are any two of the girls that were taken from us. As the flames burn, so too does everyone's passion for this project, which is why I also painted a "silver lining" around the vamps for its edging. by Karen Andersen

Mary Abenz

My father vamps he made! by Mary Abenz

Mary Abenz

by Mary Abenz

Dolly Assinewe

by Dolly Assinewe

Crystal Albanese

by Crystal Albanese

Karen Andersen

Metis Girl, Interrupted by Karen Andersen

Arlette Aida

by Arlette Aida

Barry Ace

by Barry Ace

Victoria Queenie Mccomber Arquette

by Victoria Queenie Mccomber Arquette

Advanced Aboriginal Design Class

Cathy Mattes' Advanced Aboriginal Design Class - Brandon University by Advanced Aboriginal Design Class (Brianne Cooper, Andrea St. Pierre, Audrey Cook, Amy Gies, Catherine Forest, Brooke Piche, Cameron Flamand, Kevin Tacan and Ashley Swiminer)

Jennifer Adese

The sun and its rays represent the coming of brighter days for Indigenous women. The various blue and white honour those femmes Michif Otipemisiwak we've lost. by Jennifer Adese

Annemarie Andresen

"Forget Me Not" by Annemarie Andresen

Joyce Rain Anderson

by Joyce Rain Anderson