Project Description

The horses are painted and I’m not great with words,but in thinking about this project , I was thinking about wild mustangs and being free,something about girls and women makes me associate with them, the freshwater pearls , has something to do with the purity of the water, the roughness of the leather , something to do with the strength of these girls and women, the softness of the leather is something to do with familiar feelings and love.The black and white horses kind of like Yin and Yang , good and bad,both have played a part in taking these girls and ladies away,but at the same time bringing us altogether ,to do this project, for them.The gold beads, are the hope ,things we have, we share, mutual riches,life, love , caring, sharing.The orange trim (I haven’t put on yet) is for the sun, sunsets, sunrise,(losing the girls and women,but adding new children , families of their families continuing on). I have great hope this project will really help to raise awareness for these missing and murdered girls and women, that is really why I am here.I am even hopeful as a result some maybe even still alive and might even be found.That is my greatest wish of all.

by Lucy Baker