Poster with Comox Valley Walking With Our Sisters logo in West Coast style as well as info about the upcoming exhibit

WWOS Memorial for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women will be at K’omoks Band Hall July 31-Aug. 15, 2015

We are sharing some beautiful images from the Walking With Our Sisters March to welcome the arrival of the moccasin vamps. Gilakas’la / Thank you to Ron Pogue for the images.

From our Facebook Page

“The Walking With Our Sisters memorial installation arrived at its 13th stop in K’omoks territory Monday morning. This is the first, and so far only, stop in British Columbia. The memorial to murdered and missing aboriginal women officially opens to the public on Friday, July 31.

The Comox Road was closed for half an hour to allow the procession and welcoming to proceed. The guests were formally welcomed inside the Big House, before heading over to the Band Hall for cleansing of the premises prior to setting up the display starting Tuesday morning.”

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All above images by Ron Pogue.