WWOS at Kwanlin Dün Centre, Whitehorse, Yukon has now closed.

150429_whitehorse_blanket_011The vamps have now arrived in Red Deer for the Exhibition that will open there on June 1st and run until June 21st.

To see images of the Whitehorse Exhibition click here to visit our Whitehorse website page. To keep informed about what is happening in Red Deer join our Facebook Page for all the details!

Gunalchish, Masi Cho, Cui Miigwitch, and Thank you to all of the people who helped with the install, de-install and transfer of the bundles. Also to everyone in the community of Whitehorse that came to the Exhibit and all of our events we appreciate the support you gave Walking With Our Sisters.

150429_whitehorse_de-installation_003150502_red-deer_vamps-arriving_001 150502_red-deer_vamps-arriving_006 150502_red-deer_vamps-arriving_004