Charles Chapin

by Charles Chapin

Fay Cooper

by Fay Cooper

Alicia Cook

by Alicia Cook

J’net Cavanagh

by J'net Cavanagh

Elizabeth Elizabeth Chapman

by Elizabeth Elizabeth Chapman

Lori Clermont

by Lori Clermont

Brian Bell & Carmen Connolly

by Brian Bell & Carmen Connolly

Joyce Canadiann

by Joyce Canadiann

Elizabeth Chapman

I really appreciate this opportunity to reconnect with beadwork and remember our lost vamps are made using and mixture or new and antique glass beads...I wanted to simply make them as a beautiful reminder of the many women who are missing. by Elizabeth Chapman

Catt Rez Beaders

by Catt Rez Beaders

Wanda Campion

by Wanda Campion

Kristy Cameron

by Kristy Cameron

Helen Cross

by Helen Cross

Helen Cross

by Helen Cross

Alicia Cook

Missy Frances Mohawk of Akwesasne Wolf Clan by Alicia Cook

Emerald Chamberlain

by Emerald Chamberlain

Sandra Rose Copenace

by Sandra Rose Copenace

Julie Wasp Collin

by Julie Wasp Collin

Sharla Cote

"I am honouring Metis women by using Metis floral beadwork style, with flowers that were used traditionally for many uses, including healing and medicine. I hope this symbolizes the healing that I wish for all the affected families of missing women." by Sharla Cote

Lorna Chartier

"The blue one is titled "Rosa" and the red one "Adeline." Although the project information indicates the last 20 years, I thought of my own grandmother (Rosa) and her sister (Adeline) who were murdered several years earlier and justice was never served." by Lorna Chartier

Shane Cochrane

by Shane Cochrane

Kristen Diabo

by Kristen Diabo

Kristen Diabo

by Kristen Diabo

Jasmine Dearhouse

by Jasmine Dearhouse

Debbie Bazin Dostie

"Mary's Love Breaking Through the Tears" These are beaded in honor of my mother, Mary Elizabeth Bazin. She was a survivor of savage and horrific violence, and although she survived, a piece of her soul was murdered and she was haunted for the remainder of her life. The background is sage green, to represent prayers and peace. I beaded hearts and tears ... to represent how, even through her tears, my mother had the strength and immense capacity to create and bestow her love on anyone around her. by Debbie Bazin Dostie

Jutta Ducharme

I made these in memory of my Aunty Jen Catcheway, who has been missing for over 5 years. I used paint, sequins and cloth. My mom helped me with the edging. Aunty Jen, I miss you! by Jutta Ducharme

Lou DayChief

"Still Missing our Memories, Continue to Live with Faith and Hope" Dedicated to Claudette Osbourn went missing July 24, 2008 sister to a friend Bernadette Smith Dedicated to Fred Yellow Old Woman went missing June 25, 2011 my cousin I know it is for lost sisters but we also have lost brothers by Lou DayChief

Qwo-Li Driskill

by Qwo-Li Driskill