Poster with Comox Valley Walking With Our Sisters logo in West Coast style as well as info about the upcoming exhibit

Walking With Our Sisters Comox Valley has now closed

July 31-Aug. 15, 2015

Comox, BC

Contact: Ramona Johnson

For more information on the memorial visit the WWOS Comox Valley Facebook Page. 



COMOX VALLEY RECORD, January 13, 2016: Walking With Our Sisters win Community Action Award

“The Comox Valley chapter of the Council of Canadians had the special honour of awarding its annual Community Action Award to lead organizers of Walking With Our Sisters K’ómoks.

Anne Davis, Lee Everson and Ramona Johnson received the award at the chapter’s annual potluck holiday dinner in December, in recognition of “creative vision and leadership which has expanded and unified our community.”” read more…

COMOX VALLEY RECORD, August 5, 2015: Walking With Our Sisters – A moving experience

“When I first entered the Walking With Our Sisters exhibit, my thoughts were on the assignment.

I was there as a photojournalist. My job was to get one or two meaningful shots. I had my mind on the lighting, the composition, the shutter speed and the depth of field.

I had walked approximately 12 feet when I saw the first pair of moccasin tops that were dedicated to a specific person.

Then it struck me: reality. This is not a simple art show. This is a commemorative display. This is more…

CTV NEWS (Vancouver Island) July 28, 2015: Walking With Our Sisters Memorial in Red Deer

HA-SHILTH-SA July 20: K’omoks hosts memorial exhibit to honour Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women

“I-Hos Gallery Manager Ramona Johnson is serving as event coordinator for WWOS K’omoks. Johnson said with the growing public focus on missing and murdered aboriginal women, the travelling exhibit has evolved from an art show into a powerful, shared grieving process for families and friends of the victims, and for communities across more…

COMOX VALLEY ECHO, February 17, 2015: K’ómoks First Nation plans large-scale artistic healing event: Inter-cultural exchange to honour missing and murdered native women



Noel-Brown-Pendant-LargeWalking With Our Sisters is being run by volunteers. You can purchase one of these beautifully designed t-shirts, tanks or hoodies to help fund the exhibit and tour.

The t-shirt design is by Noel Brown. Gorgeous silver pendants, earrings and pendants are also available.

Click here to purchase!





Heather  and Fred made the BC Ferry. The sacred bundle has left the island. WWOS K’omoks heads to Walking With Our Sisters – Ottawa.


Travel report from Heather: 

Good morning from Saskatchewan.

We are on the road again. We left Swift Current about 7:30 this morning. This is our breakfast compliments of the Thrifty Inn. Not a lot of choice when you get in to town so late. We were on the road yesterday for fourteen hours! We stopped for an hour for lunch\dinner and a few quick gas and potty breaks. Most of the day we watch the scenery . Yesterday was miles and miles of the flattest straightest road I have seen in my life! The flat green fields are lovely to see.

Today will be more of the same.We are just outside of Moose Jaw and hope to reach Kenora tonight. Today we are hoping the good people of Saskatchewan and Manitoba are not spending as much tax money on road repairs.

We are grateful to see all of your good wishes for our safe travels on here. We feel your spirits with us a and it makes the day lighter!



From the beginning to the end everyone helped to make WWOS Comox Valley a success. The memorial has been de-installed and will now travel to Ottawa, Ontario.


From our WWOS Comox Valley Facebook Page:

This was the count at 7:00pm of our first full day open in K’omoks. Final count was 328!

We’re getting the word out there, everyone!



This morning we were up for a 5 am water cleansing ceremony at the river!

There is no talking, a dunking of four times, and brushing of oneself with a cedar bough!!
This is usually done to help prepare oneself for a ceremony.
Grandmother moon looked down on us with love!!!!



A smudging and cedar brushing of the drum. Yes that is a drum log. It is hollowed out underneath and this one is small for travel. Thick sticks are then used to beat on the top and make the sound!!



Not too far from the big house there are two massive totem poles being carved! Passing on the knowledge..




Here are images from our Facebook Page where we share a little of how the behind process looks as WWOS Comox Valley’s amazing volunteers work to get the installation ready for the opening.


“9ft tall cedar trees are some of the medicines within the memorial. Each location decides what makes sense to bring into the ceremony. All decisions are thought out by the organizers with guidance and recommendations by the Elders. Cedar trees were brought into the memorial in Sault Ste Marie as well.”

“Helpers setting up the two staffs within the lodge. These two staff are available for family members to place eagle feathers on.”

“K’omoks: Helpers continue to lay out vamps in the lodge. Helpers take care and love to spend time with each pair and place them out along the path.”

Gilakas’la / Thank you to everyone who came out to help.



150728_comox_install_02150728_comox_install_03    150728_comox_install_11 150728_comox_install_15 150729_comox_install_02 150729_comox_install_06 150729_comox_install_07 150729_comox_install_05 150729_comox_install_09

In the volunteer resting area there are crayons for the tables cloth!! Such beautiful work!!!

150730_comox_install_04 150730_comox_install_01 150730_comox_install_03 150730_comox_install_05


More beautiful images from the Monday, July 27 Cleansing Ceremony! Gilakas’la / Thank you to Ed Brooks for these photographs.

150727_comox_cleansing-ceremony_comox-ed-brooks_02 150727_comox_cleansing-ceremony_comox-ed-brooks_03 150727_comox_cleansing-ceremony_comox-ed-brooks_05 150727_comox_cleansing-ceremony_comox-ed-brooks_06 150727_comox_cleansing-ceremony_comox-ed-brooks_07 150727_comox_cleansing-ceremony_comox-ed-brooks_10 150727_comox_cleansing-ceremony_comox-ed-brooks_11 150727_comox_cleansing-ceremony_comox-ed-brooks_13 150727_comox_cleansing-ceremony_comox-ed-brooks_14 150727_comox_cleansing-ceremony_comox-ed-brooks_15 150727_comox_cleansing-ceremony_comox-ed-brooks_19


From our Facebook Page from Monday, July 27: 

“The Walking With Our Sisters memorial installation arrived at its 13th stop in K’omoks territory Monday morning. This is the first, and so far only, stop in British Columbia. The memorial to murdered and missing aboriginal women officially opens to the public on Friday, July 31.

The Comox Road was closed for half an hour to allow the procession and welcoming to proceed. The guests were formally welcomed inside the Big House, before heading over to the Band Hall for cleansing of the premises prior to setting up the display starting Tuesday morning.”

The beautiful documentation of the event was by photographer Ron Pogue. View the rest of the coverage here


150727_comox_march_38 150727_comox_march_41 150727_comox_march_57


The work begins in K’omox. Laying the medicines, the double sided tape and the red carpet.




Thanks to Christi Belcourt for posting these images on our Facebook Page of the button blanket.

“Anne sewing a button on the button blanket. Everyone is invited to sew a button on so it will be ready by Friday. Close up of the button blanket.”



Thanks to Corky Larsen-Jonasson, the Elder for WWOS Red Deer, who posted these beautiful images to our Facebook Page of the Vamp transfer. Corky writes:

“These were sent to me from Lee of K’omoks and are of the transfer of the WWOS vamp bundle from the hands of Red Deer to the hands of K’omoks. Prayers and good thoughts for them as they prepare for their work.”

150724_comox_vamp-transfer_05150724_comox_vamp-transfer_02150724_comox_vamp-transfer_06150724_comox_vamp-transfer_03 150724_comox_vamp-transfer_04


Another packed event for WWOS K’omoks at Sid Williams Theatre in Courtenay B.C. at the Beyond Ceremonial Welcome.



Wow thanks Comox Valley!!! Full house again for Community Conversation supporting WWOS K’omoks. Your welcoming and opening of your hearts attending WWOS Komoks events Amazing. Gila’kasla (thank you) and let’s not forget all the volunteers and Community World Film for hosting.


150703_comox_james-jonesAbove images of James Jones in support of Walking With Our Sisters Comox Valley. Image shared by Get on Board Youth

And here are some more images from our Facebook Page!

WWOS K’omoks and our talk and show on Sexual Harassment with Corporal Tori Cliffe.

150717_comox_event_harrassement_01 150717_comox_event_harrassement_02

WWOS K’omoks meeting with all of these wonderful Greeters and Hosts. Lots of great information shared. See everyone July 23 at the Sid Williams Theatre for cultural sharing.


You are invited to participate.

This button blanket will be the WWOS K’ómoks contribution to the bundle. The border reflects the mountains of the west coast, and the love and tears of our families. The back design is the tree of life. When it is finished, the blanket will have a button for each missing or murdered indigenous woman. This blanket was sewn by John Powell.

Everyone is invited to come to our events (or the I-Hos Gallery on the Dyke Rd) to sew a button onto this blanket. We have buttons you can choose from or you can bring your own.



Full house for Inner Strength Healing and cultural protocol. Many people left feeling enlightened. Thank you all for supporting WWOS K’omoks.

150704_comox_protocol-meeting_01 150704_comox_protocol-meeting_03

We won first place and was honoured to have Doreen from back East join us. WWOS K’omoks in Canada Day Parade. We handed out invites to all the people. Great Day!

150701_comox_parade_03 150701_comox_parade_02 150701_comox_parade_01

Many wonderful people joined us in Nanaimo on June 17th for a screening of Finding Dawn and took the time to share with us. What a great event – thanks to everyone who came.


A Tribe Called Red and WWOS K’omoks. Thanks for your support you guys are awesome!!!

Group of people standing in front of banner with Walking With Our Sisters info and small tent



Here are some recent images from our Facebook PageTop left taken at the Truth and Reconcile Commission where Joseph Boyden was attending the WWOS Ottawa Memorial for the Children who went missing from Residential School. Top right from WWOS Comox Valley’s table at  Elevate the Arts Festival (June 3 – 6).




Below images are from First Nations Storytelling Event (June 6) with Cree Elder Phil Umpherville.




From our Facebook Page:

Wow it was an awesome turn out for Volunteer Meeting for WWOS K’omoks. So many really great and interesting questions. Lots got covered. July 7 is our next one?




On May 23 Walking With Our Sisters Comox Valley held a Community Conversation. This conversation took place around the fire! Also, at the Victoria Weekend parade in Cumberland, the WWOS Float won 3rd place! Here are some images from our Facebook Page



From our Facebook Page:

Community Conversation and the screening of the documentary Finding Dawn. A beautiful evening with beautiful people.




From our Facebook Page:

WWOS K’omoks cultural sharing evening in our ceremonial Big House. Kumugwe Dancers and singers hosted us for the evening.




From our Facebook Page:

First official elder meeting with more planned for WWOS K’omoks. Our plan is to join the youth and elders to work as one. Knowledge, empowerment, inner strength and prevention. Teachings and I hold my hands up high to everyone. Love, caring and kindness.



Look who got a Walking With Our Sisters t-shirt! Buffy Saint-Marie & Susan Aglukark

WWOS Komoks was supported by Buffy St Marie at her concert in Campbell River. Thank you Fernanda Pare and Kia Everson for presenting Buffy with WWOS Komoks t-shirt. It was a great night.

Susan Aglukark also received a WWOS Komoks t-shirt. We had wonderful conversation and she had a great visit with our elders. April 22 she did a small concert in our Big House here on our Komoks Reserve.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our second community meeting.

Here are some images from the evening.

Group of people standing in circle, in front of their chairs, in auditorium

Gathering of people sitting in a circle in auditorium, 2 men standing with hand drums

Our first community meeting room great turn out everyone excited!

Thanks to everyone who came out! Below are some images from our Facebook Page.

150202_comox_committee-meet-1_001 150202_comox_committee-meet-1_004 150202_comox_committee-meet-1_008 150202_comox_committee-meet-1_009